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Forgiveness is an earthly form of love

I have been asked to speak about what is at the heart of my herbal practice, which is self forgiveness. Let us all come to family life a new, a fresh, and a clean slate each day, each moment. Let us be of assistance to everyone who walks on this earth, everyone who is waiting to be born, by letting go of all the stories of suffering in family life. It sounds so simple to just let these stories go, it can even make a lot of sense to us. But it is not always easy. If most of us were asked what it would take to experience more happiness in our family life, more than  likely it would involve letting go of old memories, maybe judgements or letting go of a grievance. So this is where forgiveness begins recognising that a thought, an old memory clouds the way to us experiencing all the happiness that is available in our life. Then stepping back for a moment and being willing to ask inwardly to be shown another way to see, the situation. We could say asking love to reveal itself.

Deep within everyone is our natural true nature, which is kind, is supportive of others and loving. Sometimes the appearance is that our natural nature is overlaid with feelings of not being good enough, of being hard done by, of an intense need to defend, an intense need to attack ourselves or others. The practice of self forgiveness looks beyond these appearances, not denying them simply being willing to see beyond. No matter how extreme these appearances maybe in our selves or others, we ask inwardly to be shown and to recognise the shared yearning we all have to know that we are loveable and that we are capable of extending love. This is how we join with others; this is where we recognise everyone is seeking the same no matter what the appearance may be. When we have even a little willingness to forgive and recognise this common shared yearning in everyone, we are assisted in stepping aside from the desire to be right about our grievances and old memories. It is here that we release our self and others from judgement and experience the blessing that we are capable of loving and receiving love from others. It is here that we see the beauty of another, recognising the reflection of our Self. Let us be of assistance to each other, supporting ourselves and others in choosing happiness.

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing
There is a field
I will meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about, ideas, language, even the phrase, each other, doesn’t make any sense