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Drinking Herbal Tea

Added 09/01/2013

So is there a difference between loose leaf herbal tea and the tea bag? I believe there is and these are some of my thoughts as to why.

In loose leaf tea the leaves and flowers are whole or large piece, this results in none of the health benefits being lost in processing’s or cutting the leaves into fine powder consistency to fit into a bag. There is often a fuller flavour as the leaves and flowers have been able to expand and steep freely in a pot. There is more nutritional and health benefits potency in loose leaf tea which again is as a result of the flowers and leaves being given the space to swell and release all the plant chemicals contained in each leaf.

So why are tea bags so popular? The answer for most people is the ease of making, simply pop a bag in a cup and pour on boiling water. Some people say less mess just throw the teabag away after drinking the tea. In lots of ways there is no dispute of these facts. So there is no purpose in comparing! So why I am suggesting you try loose leaf tea, because I believe you will be astonished as to the well being benefits of a daily cuppa of herbal tea. You will be excited and inspired by the amazing different tastes of herbal teas. Some herbal teas you can almost feel the benefits as you are drinking others speak gently to you of relaxation, whereas others give you a great caffeine free energy boost start to the day or a pick me up during the day.

If you haven’t tried many herbal teas or infusions as they are sometimes called, these are a few I suggest you start with. One of my favourite herbs is oat straw. A gentle, reassuring taste, for me it has a very alive taste and smell of fresh meadows in the summer time. The qualities of oat straw are soothing, relaxing and at the same time packed with vitamins and minerals a sense of sustained energy levels. Oat straw is in the following Welcome World herbal tea range, Cupboard Love  and  Kitchen Cupboard Brew  both  of which are great everyday teas or if you are pregnant then Pregnancy Joy Tea contains oat straw.

What about the time it takes to make a pot of tea? Why not give it a go and see if it is more relaxing than you imagine especially now you know of all the benefits, just from a daily cuppa.  Simply place 1 tsp per cup of loose leaf herbal tea into a pot pour on boiling water and allow the tea to steep for several minutes. Gather your favourite cup or mug and then strain and pour. The straining is easier than it used to be as now it is easy to buy a tea pot with a strainer already within the pot; otherwise the good old tea strainer works well. Then sit back and enjoy the gentle art of tea making and taking a tea break.

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