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6 women herbalists that have inspired my love of all things herbal and healing

Added 04/04/2016

6 women herbalists that have inspired my love of all things herbal and healing

I appreciate you; here is my list of some of the women herbalists that have caught my attention, inspired and supported my journey as a herbalist working with women’s life cycles. 

Juliette de Bairacli Levy.  I loved reading her books while raising my children. This woman lived herbalism in every moment of her daily life.

Hildegard of Bingen. A legend! Her herbal knowledge is fascinating. Well worth tracking down her books.

Maria Treben. Maria is one of the great pioneers of herbal medicine. Her books are full of herbal gems and case studies.

Rosita Arvigo. Thank you Rosita for all you preserved of the great Don Panti, then made your own to inspire others. A wonderful life story as well herbal knowledge.

Jill Rosemary Davies. I and so many other herbalists have such gratitude to this modern day herbalist. Jill nurtured, taught and inspired herbalists from a strong tradition of Dr. Christopher’s teaching made uniquely fresh and alive by her own unique way of teaching, practicing herbal medicine and campaigning for the right of access to herbal medicine.

Elisabeth Brooke.  Elisabeth is a wonderful shamanic and magical women’s herbalist who inspires women to trust their intuition. 

I hope this list offers you inspiration to read and discover more about herbal medicine and living a natural and healthy lifestyle.

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