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“Is it safe to use herbal remedies for something serious such as high blood pressure?”

Added 19/01/2016

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So here’s Amanda’s answer to the Questioner’s question.

First the Questioner’s question -

“Is it safe to use herbal remedies for something serious such as high blood pressure?”

Amanda’s answer -

Thank you what a great question.  There are so many elements here that hopefully will be helpful to a lot of people reading this.

It’s a very common shared thought that herbs are fine for minor ailments but can we trust them with a serious diagnosis?  Although I would shout from the rooftops “yes of course I can!”  I’m not going to force that belief on anyone else.

So each of us has to bring this back to themselves; do you want to trust the herbs? Are the herbs safe? I’m not dodging answering the question here and further on I’ll give the information I have as an herbal practitioner that may be of assistance to you in making the decision.  So my encouragement would be to discover and explore for yourself as to how you respond to the use of herbal remedies. Be the detective of your self; be curious as to how your body responds to the herbs. Do you use them as an expression of self-kindness and self- care for your self?  Do you feel relaxed, supported and nourished when using herbal remedies?

If you are uncomfortable or anxious about using particular herbs, “chuck them out of the window!” there is always another plant available and willing to offer us assistance. That’s what so amazing about herbal remedies; there’s always more.

Ultimately of course whenever we ask the question “can I trust something external to myself?” we are asking, “can I trust my self? “ My encouragement is to gather the information that is helpful for the situation, in this case high blood pressure, reflect on it. Then come inwards to the existence within you that does have the answers. Be still for a moment and listen inwardly. Make your decision from this still place within.

I offer an exercise I have found helpful when making a decision. Be still for a moment and in your minds eye image the scenario of taking herbal remedies for the diagnosis or symptoms. Notice how you feel; is there a sense or peace or not?  Then do the same in your minds eye, as if you don’t use the herbal remedies. Again notice how you feel. Choose the one where you have a sense of peace even if it is only a glimmer of a sense of peace. This way you are teaching yourself of peace.


Which herbs Amanda would use for high blood pressure?

Ah!  My favourite recommendation for high blood pressure is the humble cucumber. This amazing fruit cools the blood. Cucumbers are packed with potassium, magnesium and fibre. They contain vitamin A, K and C. All these properties assist with lowering blood pressure.

So chomp your way through a couple or may be even 3, yes I’m serious! a day for a few days. Or so many people have juicers; put them in the juicer with carrots and lemon juice. Of course simply adding one cucumber a day is always helpful.

Add garlic into your diet. Also add lots of potassium rich foods.

Here’s a great recipe for potassium broth; its one my herbal teacher shared with us years ago and I have continued to share it with clients.


In a pan place; 25% potato peeling, 25% carrot peelings, 25% chopped onions and garlic and the final 25% is celery and greens. Cover the vegetables with water then simmer gently for about 40 mins. You can add herbs for taste (use cooling herbs not hot herbs.  For example thyme is a cooling herb). Strain and take as broth.


Herbs Amanda recommends for use in the form of herbal teas:

Hawthorn leaves

Olive leaves

Dandelion leaves



You could use any combination of 2 or 3 of these herbs to make yourself a herbal brew.


High blood pressure can be associated with a particular stressful situation or even ongoing situation.  In my experience self- honesty moves mountains.  So if it feels that the diagnosis or symptoms have fallen out of the sky, take a moment for reflection.  What has changed in your life recently? Are you comfortable with the changes?  You get the idea. Some gentle questions to yourself, offered with lots of space, lots of love. Then attend to these.

When high blood pressure is associated with pregnancy it will be monitored closely by your health professionals. This is good fortune rather than a bind; you have the opportunity to have clear information to assist with your choices. Any of the foods suggested will be of assistance.

As with all the information I offer it is not intended to replace the diagnosis and treatment by a doctor or qualified herbalist.

So, how else can I help?

Other services offered that may be of interest to you.

·         The Home Herbalist Apprentice Course http://welcomeworldcafe.com/home-herbalist-apprentice.php

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I hope this is of assistance.

Lots of love Amanda xxx










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