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Vitamin K -Which herbs contain this amazing vitamin K and what do they offer us?

Added 11/02/2015

Vitamin K Which herbs contain this amazing vitamin K and what do they offer us?

As I have been working in the arena of pregnancy, birth and family life for many years now it’s not surprising that I have an interest in vitamin K. It is a decision parents make after the birth of their child whether or not to give their consent to a dose of vitamin k being administered as a routine procedure. The reason for this procedure is that all babies are born with low levels of vitamin K due to newborns lacking the bacteria in their intestines to produce the vitamin. Very occasionally a small percentage of babies have symptoms called VKDB (vitamin K deficiency bleeding). What this means is that their blood doesn’t clot in the usual way during the first few weeks or months of their arrival into the world. As a result it is recommended by doctors to routinely administer vitamin K to all babies as a preventive measure.

As with everything, there is so much more to discover about vitamin K than just simply relating it to this one issue. As a herbalist I am always aware this is the case with the plants I choose to work with. It is easy to categories them into particular action groups and yet again when I look closely they always offer more! So if I take the plants that contain vitamin K and discover what gifts they offer to us it is so much more than healthy blood clotting.

So if you have very little interest in the arena of pregnancy and birth there may be something new to discover about vitamin K. Or if you are passionate about the arena of birthing maybe vitamin K is of further interest beyond birthing. I have chosen 4 herbs to look at in this blog post. These are by no means the only herbs containing vitamin K and of course many foods contain vitamin K particularly the leafy green ones. For those of us that are from the pregnancy and birthing arena let’s not forget that vernix contains vitamin K.

Alfalfa. This amazing herb pushes its roots so deep down into the earth that is no wonder it is like a herbal “multi vitamin”. Alfalfa contains a high concentration of vitamins including vitamin K. I also suggest alfalfa for assisting with lowering cholesterol. I would describe this herb as being packed with vitality.

Parsley. This herb is often so under appreciated and used just as a garnish; packed with anti- oxidants, brimming over with nutrients including vitamins and vitamin K in abundance. Parsley also contains good concentrations of folic acid.

Cayenne. This great herb has a wonderful reputation for regulating blood circulation. Assists the body to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and also decreases blood cholesterol levels. This herb is a wonderful ally for the heart and whole circulatory system. Cayenne is another helpful plant full of vitamins including vitamin K.

Nettle. Ah this is one of my most used herbs in my medicine bag! Nettles are full of nourishment and packed with vitamin and mineral content including vitamin K. They are often described as blood builders and assist in clearing congestion related to the lungs.

As we can see from these plants they offer way beyond healthy blood clotting. Each of them in their own way offers support towards healthy cardiovascular health and healthy levels of blood cholesterol. The same can be said for the vitamin K family both vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 offer support to the heart and the circulatory system and are now known as vitamins that are inhibitors of calcification. What gifts this great vitamin offers us in whatever way we choose to make friends with it. I enjoy receiving these gifts through the medicine ways of herbs and healing foods others prefer supplements. Of courses neither is right nor wrong, simply our choice.

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