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The Induction of Labour

Added 18/02/2015

The Induction of Labour Herbal remedies for when you feel to say yes to induction.

Induction of labour has arisen because there is a belief that the situation at the present time needs to be different to how they are. Sometimes this is accompanied with stress other times with a clarity from the pregnant woman that her body needs some form of encouragement to relax into the process of labour.

One way or another, a shift in thought/energy is called for. There are so many scenarios that can be the focus of induction. It may be the medical model indicating to the pregnant woman that induction is needed. It may be the woman herself yearning to hold her child in her arms. It may be the woman is fed up with being pregnant and wants to enter the next phase of parenting. I could go on and on with different circumstance as there will be as many situations as there are pregnant women meeting the thought of induction. So how can I judge whether induction is right or wrong, needed or not needed? Surely only the woman herself can know whether she is at peace with the decision or not. What I can offer as a practitioner is space with a clean slate in the sessions and the opportunity for both of us to step back from the story of induction for a moment. A time when both the client and myself can be honest and say it would be only opinions as to whether induction is so called good or bad. Also that evidence could easily be gathered to prove either opinion.

Sometimes all the pregnant woman appears to need is a space to speak her frustrations, anxieties and beliefs in an environment that feels safe and supportive. Other times decisions are called for and need to be made. The role of practitioner offers me the opportunity to extend the thought to another that they have everything within them to meet this situation. That the answer to all the “what ifs” and “yes buts” are waiting to be asked and answered within their heart. Yes of course many of us have experienced anxiety or fear when we are faced with a difficult or challenging decision so I am not making light of how uncomfortable such situations can be. Here are the tools that I would draw upon when working with the thought of induction. First and most important would be to affirm to the pregnant woman that she has within her to meet this and access to the greatest resource The Power of Love. See the previous blog post called the power of love in making decisions. http://welcomeworldcafe.com/blog/post.php?post=31

If the decision has been made to induce labour then there are many natural ways with herbs that can be used to encourage relaxation of the physiology of the body before the moment of using allopathic medicine ways. Once a medical induction has begun it will completed in one form or another. That is just the nature of inductions.

The herbs I will list in this blog post are our allies in relaxation and support when stepping into a new decision, process or life choices.

Wild lettuce and lavender footbaths.This is a very relaxing herbal remedy. I have found it particularly helpful in reassuring the uterus that it is safe to rest back, relax and trust the process of the physiology of birth. Be that assisted or a natural initiation.

Sipping oat straw and nettle tea. This herbal strengthens the nervous system and nourishes the whole body. When the nervous system is depleted through the effects of stress then immune system lowers which is unhelpful in terms of producing prostaglandins naturally. These are needed to assist in ripening the cervix ready for labour.

Raspberry leaf tea. Ah this wonderful women’s medicine bag ally. A herb that is great for strengthening and supporting the uterus in many ways. Also is believed to lift our spirits!

There are many initiating herbs for labour and my suggestion would be to contact your local herbalist and welcome the support and wisdom their services can offer you.

I’m not a great fan of remedies that heavily activate the bowels thus prompting the uterus to start contracting or remedies that activate contractions before the cervix is ripened. Of course this is just my opinion! I do love the ideas of opening windows, saying yes to the baby, reassuring the baby that you will listen to their needs as well, baking a birthday cake (this has brought so many babies into the world in my experience of a practitioner and as a grandmother!)

How any child enters the world is just the way that arises in that particular moment .How the parents and family respond to this exquisite being is always a choice that can be made. Imagine being met with all the love a mother can offer.

Dom’s recent blog Readying Yourself for a Journey may also be of interest to you http://www.relaxedbirthandparenting.com/blog/articles/birthing/readying-yourself-for-a-journey.html

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