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Ways to heal the perineum after birthing

Added 29/01/2015

Five ways to use Welcome World's Perineum Wash herbal formula in your home during postpartum.

Sometimes during birthing the area called the perineum is bruised or torn, this can be uncomfortable or painful for postpartum mothers. In this blog Iam going to offer 5 easy ways in which you can offer healing to this delicate and sensitive area of your body.

1. I am going to start with the encouragement of self-kindness. Be gentle with your self; maybe use the herbal suggestions I offer as a way of responding to your self tenderly. Other practical suggestions of being gentle with yourself could be to make sure there is a soft cushion or pillow in place whenever you sit down. Letting others help you with chores so you can focus on welcoming your beautiful child into your life and healing the discomfort in the perineum can be very nurturing. Love is always the fast track way to heal anything and the most practical.

The next four suggestions all involve brewing a pot of Welcome World’s herbal tea formula Perineum Wash. So make a strong brew of the herbal tea using 2 tablespoons of herbs in a jug pour on boiling water and let it brew for a good 5 minutes (much stronger than if you were drinking the tea). The formula contains the following herbs: marigold, yarrow, comfrey leaf and lavender and is available from Welcome World’s online shop: Welcome World Perineum Wash

2. Using perineum wash in the bath. After making the herbal brew and letting it steep, strain and add into a further jug. Run a small amount of water into the bath. Just enough so that when you are sitting in the bath the water just covers your bottom and vaginal area. Then gently pour the strained brew into the bath water (always check temperature!) as you are siting in the bath. Swoosh the herbal brew around the area of the perineum. Sit in this water for several minutes then if you wish turn taps on and fill up the bath to your usual level. Otherwise simply get out of the bath.

3. Using Perineum wash in a peri bottle. After making the herbal brew, strain the tea into a bottle with a spray top. These are now available from supermarkets and chemists for use in holiday toiletries when travelling on a plane. Then place the bottle by the side of the toilet, so that when you go to the loo you can spray the perineum area with the wash both before and after peeing. Not only is this a way of applying the herbal remedy for healing the tissue it is also assists in easing any stinging from pee touching the area.

4. Using perineum wash with a compress. After making the brew and straining the tea into a large bowl. Place a homemade compress into the bowl so its soaks up the strained brew. Make sure the brew is a comfortable temp for applying onto the perineum area. To make the compress simply use some old cotton cloth, maybe an old tee shirt or cotton sheet or cotton tea towel and fold neatly into a pad. Then when compress is soaked carefully take out of the bowl; you may want to hold a towel underneath so the compress doesn’t drip and then apply to the perineum area. Remember to place a towel on the bed or sofa to lie on when you are applying the compress.

5. Using perineum was with cloth pads. After you have brewed and strained the wash into a large bowl. Place a cloth menstrual pad into the bowl to soak then you can place inside your knickers for a short while. You will need to gage the wetness of the pad for your self as to what works while you are in the house. Leave in place for as long as feels comfortable.

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