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The Power of Love in Making Decisions

Added 12/01/2015

Making decisions appears to be such a large focus of living our lives. Recently my friend and colleague Dominique and I have been reflecting together on “how we make decisions that are of assistance to us.” Our exploring began because we recognized that this is a large part of the role the antenatal worker/doula practitioner offer to their clients. In working with an antenatal practitioner or doula parents have the opportunity to reflect on decisions they want to make or have made during the parenting journey.

Many of us hear ourselves saying “ I find it hard to make big decisions, I have a fear I may make the wrong one and then regret it or suffer from the decision.” For me this is the first clue, “who is it who is making the decision?” By this I mean am I drawing on the limited version of myself I have constructed over the years to make this decision? Because if I am this will include all the old memories from the past I am still choosing to carry around in a rucksack on my back! Memories of condemnation of myself making mistakes and memories of condemnation of others who I believe have made mistakes. Or am I choosing to make a decision from a place of trust in who I truly am. Straight away I can recognize if I ask for an answer to my questions from the true self the answer I receive will be limitless. The answers will come from a clean slate free from past misperceptions and free from past grievances, it will arise from Love. Our daily lives are such a rich playground to discover that it is possible to trust that everyone has access to our true self. There is no one that is excluded, how can there be? If this existence is our true self then none of us have to earn this self, it is simply who we are.

What I have discovered for myself is that it is of assistance to come through another door and be clear who I am not. By this I mean discovering and recognizing that I am not all the limitations and judgments I place on myself and sometimes project out onto others. Each time I notice that I am condemning, judging or doubting myself, I do have the power of Love to stop for a moment and ask inwardly for assistance in returning to my true self. The existence within me that has no doubt of others, or myself that has no judgment of others, or myself that only knows of Love. So my encouragement to others and myself is to use the power of love to make the only important decision that all other decisions arise from, “ Do I want to trust the true self? For me it’s a no brainer as they say! It certainly isn’t always easy to remember to listen to the answers of the true self. Simple yes and diligence can be of huge assistance.

Also I find to be gentle and kind to myself by recognizing yes sometimes I forget and listen to the limited self for answers yet this in itself is simply an opportunity presenting to dive ever deeper into Love. Also not for one moment do I stop being my true self no matter how many times I choose to forget this! I’m going to end this blog with a mantra that I am finding helpful at this time “ I give my whole heart to truth “ and may we all discover we can make decisions with ease and joy. That decisions we experience making which bring joy and peace of mind are not simply good fortune falling out of the sky they are coming from our true self. The love that we all are. Making decisions with ease and joy. That decisions we experience making which bring joy and peace of mind are not simply good fortune falling out of the sky they are coming from our true self. The love that we all are.

You can read Dom's thoughts on decision making below:












































































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