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“3 great herbal allies when postpartum is not being experienced as sweetness and light.”

Added 02/07/2014


“3 great herbal allies when postpartum is not being experienced as sweetness and light.”

Sometimes outcomes are not as we have imagined in our minds eye. Of course this is no different with the birth of a child. Yes, there are many women who spend the postpartum period in a hazy delightful and peaceful encounter with their baby. There are an equal amount of women who experience postpartum as exhausting and uncomfortable, and there are mothers who experience some description in between these two sides of the coin. No experience being right or wrong and none having the exclusion to being a loving experience.

Every experience has the exact same opportunity to dive ever deeper into love. It often appears to be such a human trait to make one experience more, either more loving, more acceptable and I could go on with the mores! Yet is it of assistance to any of us? To be comparing experiences or to be making one way more right than another way. I read an article in one of the Sunday magazines recently where the point was being made that “demonizing formula milk doesn’t support breastfeeding mothers it only victimizes those who can’t “.

It appears to be challenging for most of us to be true to what is authentic for us without in some way justifying that other ways are wrong. To let go of our judgments of how others choose to welcome their child into their life opens the door for us to be accepting of own decisions. Then it follows we have no need to defend our choices, no need to feel badly when outcomes are different than anticipated. Not for one moment I am suggesting we become numb to our experiences simply that we feel and meet such experiences without identifying these feelings with who we are.

Yes, sometimes we experience disappointments, diagnosis, fear and grief. Yet in every moment we have an opportunity to choose again. By this I am not meaning to then choose to make a difficult experience a “happy experience”. I am suggesting that we acknowledge that we are more than the limited self we perceive that is trapped by external circumstances. That there is a presence within us that knows only of love that has no condemnation of others or our self. To recognize this presence in whatever way we may choose brings a discovery of a sense of ease and peace that opens a door in our mind to who we truly are.

For most of us it is of assistance to be reminded of the choice to be gentle, to be kind and loving to ourselves during times of experiencing any intensity of emotional discomfort. To offer ourselves respite from any emotional turmoil gives us the opportunity to come back to our true self. To stop for a moment and asked inwardly for assistance in seeing through the eyes of love. This is where I believe a herbal cuppa or herbal bath can be used with such a loving intention.

3 herbs to assist in stopping for a moment; remembering the benefits of self-kindness and opening our hearts to our true self.

Oat straw: How could I not include this amazing plant? For me every cuppa of oat straw reminds me of saying yes to life. If I was to describe the benefits of oat straw it would be to say “it feels like being wrapped in warm blanket “Ah how perfect!” This herbal cuppa is packed with vitamins and minerals and supports the nervous system with every sip. Do try an oat straw bath as well. Wild Lettuce This plant I would suggest using either as a bath or a foot bath.

Wild lettuce is all about relaxation, encouraging deep relaxation. Of course ultimately relaxation comes from within but this plant is ready and so willing to whisper to us ”rest back sweetheart no matter what is occurring all is well “. What amazing assistance it is to be reminded of what is already within us all the time no matter what is occurring within our daily life. So make a strong brew of the herb, strain and add to the bath water.

Motherwort This is a herb that has been used for centuries by herbalists to support both the uterus and the heart. As well as supporting the physiology of the body is this way, I use motherwort because it is a plant that offers qualities that enable it to change and adapt to the situation; thus being a gentle and steady reminder that we are capable of the same. Just half a cuppa daily during times of discomfort or strain through the postpartum time will inspire us to recognize we have everything within to meet the situation as does the baby.

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