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Are Antenatal teachers needed in today’s world of instant access to all the information content you could dream of being available on the web?

Added 04/02/2014

Antenatal teachers/doulas started a quiet revolution:    

Over 40 years ago women started a quiet revolution spreading the word that child birth was not an illness but an amazing opportunity to discover inner resources within themselves and celebrate the journey of motherhood. There are some of us who trained as antenatal teachers in the peak of this revolution which was between 25 to 30 years ago and we are still sharing and teaching our enthusiasm and passion for this wonderful transition into motherhood. The enthusiasm for birth preparation has peaked and waned the same way all things do in this world. Massive changes have occurred in how everyone gathers information and support and this has brought its own effects to birth preparation.

Antenatal teachers are needed today as much as ever:

My answer to the question is yes! Also I feel it is a question that needs to be asked regularly by any profession or service provider in today’s world. There will always be a value to discovering a source of support that touches you deeply, that offers a sign post to dive deeper within yourself that affirms that you are capable of birthing in whatever way is right for you and your baby. How this is offered and in what form is the ever changing, playful and creative process available to all antenatal teachers.   

So why and how have we (Amanda, Dominique and Louise, Antenatal Wisdom founders) continued to be of assistance in inspiring not only others but also sustaining our own enthusiasm for pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

By becoming the trainers of antenatal teachers some years ago now this opened a door for[AR1] our creativity to flow. Formulating training programs and offering them to the students gave us the opportunity to continually be reviewing how, why and what we are sharing. Is it important? Is it of value? Is it authentic for us? These are some of the questions we use to evaluate the work we share both in private practice and within the training programs. Working with potential antenatal teachers has been both exciting and rewarding for all of us and continues to be so.

Maintaining our links with parents.

By training the antenatal teachers we continue to have a direct connection with parents through the teachers that graduate. The parents that receive the antenatal teacher’s wisdom and support then offer what they have discovered and received to their children within their parenting. For us as trainers and advocates of antenatal teachers this inspires us to know this circle of our sharings continues.

The gifts of sharing with others.

By offering to others encouragement to listen to their hearts, to trust themselves, by some mystery we have discovered we have been offering this to ourselves. How amazing is this!

The joy of parents bonding with a baby before birth.

By knowing that supporting a pregnant woman to build a relationship with her child before birth will not only assist the pregnant woman but also the child.  There may be times when a child will be separated from his mother at birth for different reasons either long term or short term. There may also be times when the child leaves its physical body either before, during or immediately after birth. For a mother and child to experience that they have both been recognized, acknowledge and accepted for who they are, brings a sense of peace to all situations. Bonding with the baby in the womb offers this opportunity. For years antenatal teachers have gently offered a space where this knowing has been shared and supported enabling parents to bond with their child in the womb.

All answers are there waiting in our hearts to be asked.

By training antenatal teachers to discover within themselves what is authentic and true for them. To support the students to trust themselves. A beautiful byproduct of this is they become a signpost to the women they work with that they can trust themselves. This is the teaching that is at the heart of our training program Antenatal Wisdom that the answer is always within each of us. For a pregnant woman to be met at this time in her life where so much change is occurring with a reassurance that she has everything within her to respond to this situation with an open heart is such a gift for everyone.

I could go on listing why our enthusiasm for training antenatal teachers has been so wonderfully nurtured and sustained. At the heart of the answer is that “in offering to others we receive”. Our yearning to recognize the healing potential of the parent and child relationship has become how we live our lives. We have also embraced the opportunities in offering online training with our course Antenatal Wisdom to reach women all over the world. This has enabled our enthusiasm for Antenatal Teachers to be available for women in many communities all over the world. 

Are you inspired to work with pregnant women?

If you feel inspired to work with pregnant women or maybe you already work this arena then our online training Antenatal Wisdom will support, nourish and nurture this yearning within you and also help you to discover the beauty of offering this work with a sense of ease and happiness. I would love to hear from you. Lots of love Amanda x   http://www.welcomeworldcafe.com



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