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We want our food to be vibrant, nurturing, nourishing, alive and fresh and locally sourced if possible, why not our medicines?

Added 08/08/2013

There is so much wonderful inspiration offered at this time if you are wanting fresh, healthy, locally sourced and seasonal foods. I really celebrate this and healing foods are large part of the herbal medicine model of health care. I have a passion for herbal medicine and using medicines that are full of life force energy and vitality. This is obviously one of the reasons I spent many years training and then working as a herbal practitioner. Over the years of having the good fortune of working in this arena I have also developed an enthusiasm for supporting the herbal legacy of the Home Herbalist. The renowned herbalist. Doctor Christopher gave us a quote, “ a herbalist in every home and a practitioner in every town”. So I offer all I have discovered through different resources to support those who would love to feel confident and to trust that they can use the amazing healing potential of plants in their home.

In this blog I offer 4 great herbal gems that I hope will spark your enthusiasm for discovering that using herbal remedies in the home can be such an amazing grassroots model of wellbeing and health.

Let’s start with a simple but such an effective cough syrup that you can make easily in your kitchen. I have shared this formula hundreds of times and always the response is wow this really works!

Cut an onion as finely as possible and place in a dish. Pour runny honey all over the onion so it is completely soaked. Leave to stand for several hours or overnight. Then strain {or if you are happy to eat the onion it will be sweet and delicious} no need to strain. Use as a cough syrup. This is best if made little and often .If honey isn’t for you then use the delights of maple syrup. Try it and see what you discover.

Herbal Footbaths.

These are a great way to absorb the many benefits and healing potential that plants offer us.

Simply make a strong brew, use a tablespoon of dried or fresh herbal tea in a large jug or teapot pour on boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. Then strain the tea into the bowl (filled with warm water) you are using as a footbath. Immerse your feet in this nectar, rest back and enjoy.

For relaxation use lavender and chamomile flowers, for an aching body use calendula, for nurturing and self-kindness use oat straw. Of course there are always more plants to use. Always more.

Sustaining nourishment and nurturing in a ‘cuppa’.

In one cup of herbal brew there can be more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than you can imagine, seriously in onecuppa! Added to this are the incredible qualities and healing potential the plants offer.

Let’s take one of myfavouriteplants, the heavenly Oat straw. There are a list of vitamins and minerals this plant contains including calcium and iron. It also nourishes and supports the nervous system and increases energy levels. Oat straw oozes life force energy and saying yes to life. All this in one ‘cuppa’! Amazing isn’t it? Herbal tea making can also offer timeout from busy lives, to stop for a moment and relax. Yes it is more work than all the instant ‘cuppas’ that are available, but once or twice a day to offer our self the kindness of putting our full attention on preparing a brew of nourishment and nurturing can be transforming in terms of wellbeing and vitality.

Grassroots health care.

The sense of self-reliance and being able to support your love ones with the potential of using herbal remedies in your home for sustaining health and wellbeing is truly amazing. To know of the wisdom of using a homemade salve, a herbal brew or adding healing foods into meal times all offered with the healing balm of love can be such an enriching, alive model of health care for you and your family. There is even the potential to wild craft your plants locally or grow your own in the garden or allotment. All this offers a richness and a connection that can feel whole, fresh and alive to the medicines you choose to use. Health becomes something that is a natural part of daily life rather than trying to fix the body or get well.

If the thought of using herbal remedies and healing foods as a way to support and enrich daily life speaks to you. I offer 2 great courses that offer discovery and assist in developing a trust with yourself of herbal wisdom. The Home Herbalist Apprentice Course for using herbal wisdom in your own home for yourself and family and if you want to learn of using herbs for pregnancy and birthing within your work the professional accredited antenatal training offers herbal modules.








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