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Herbal teas can be used in baths and footbaths

Added 08/03/2013

Herbal baths and footbaths have been used for centuries as a model of healing and relaxation. Water often assists the body to let go of any nervous tension, whether at the end of a busy day, easing physical symptoms or simply enjoying immersing our body in the deep relaxation of water. Herbal baths can also be used for much more than relaxation. They can also be of great assistance in relieving the discomforts of many symptoms.

While a baby is developing in the womb, skin is formed from nervous tissue type cells, so it is no surprise that the skin is closely related in effects to the nervous system. Herbal baths are a wonderful way to absorb the blessings herbs offer to us. When soaking in a bath enriched with herbs the benefits are taken in through the pores in the skin. Also as we gently inhale through our nose the steam from a hot bath this can be filled with the wellbeing benefits of the herbs. Both these processes of absorbing herbs have the advantage of coming straight into the blood stream; there is no involvement of the digestive process, which is needed when herbs are ingested. This results in a much more immediate effect of the herbal qualities and gifts.

Three great ways to enjoy herbs in baths

I would like to offer three great ways to enjoy the benefits of using herbs in baths;

The first is bath time; simply make use of bath time to be so much more!

Make a strong brew of herbal tea with either fresh or dried herbs , I would suggest adding more herbs to the pot and brewing for longer than if you were making a pot of herbal tea to drink. Then simply strain and add to a hot bath.

Or place fresh or dried herbs in a little cotton bag and place directly under the hot tap using string to attach the bag as the hot water pours over the herbs they will infuse.

Herbs that would be great in a bath would be leaves or flowers, with the roots of plants you do need to make into a decoction for example dandelion root tea. So some of my favourite bath time herbs are oat straw, lavender, ladys mantle, marigold, chamomile and lots more of course!

Then simply relax back into the water. Baths are a fantastic way of offering the herbal benefits to children.

The second being the delights of experiencing a footbath. So lovely!

All the benefits of the herbs absorbed through our feet isn’t this wonderful? There is a well known French herbalist who sings the praises of footbaths, Maurice Messegue and I would agree with him totally. Footbaths are so enriching to our wellbeing. Again the benefits are immediate, as the herbs are absorbed directly into the blood stream. Most of our grandparents have heard of or experienced mustard footbaths. At one time they were a regular event in family life. Used particularly when a family member had a cold and also for assisting circulation in the winter time. I would love to see footbaths used again in family homes. Just as you would for a regular bath, make a strong brew of herbal tea strain and add to a bowl of warm/hot water. Then place your feet in the bowl, rest back and relax. I usually suggest 5 to 8 minutes is enough time. Then wrap your feet in a warm towel, no need to dry them just let them dry naturally, again the skin is absorbing the herbs. What is delightful in the summer time; add floating flowers of roses or lavender or jasmine, whatever is growing in your garden? Once again I would suggest using herbal teas of leaves or flowers as I suggested in baths. A herbal gem I would love to share would be of using herbal footbaths to warm the uterus.

This can be of benefit when there are discomforts from fibroids or endometritis, to simply warm the uterus a little can sometimes bring a sense of relaxation to this area of the body. Also I use herbal footbaths in my herbal practice when treating fertility difficulties. Again warming the uterus brings relaxation. The herbs are particular that I would use in these footbaths, lavender and wild lettuce.

The third using herbal teas in baths as part of a recovery programme from illness. Such nurturing !

Often after we have been ill, say maybe flu or a stomach bug or childhood illnesses, and we have spent a while in bed. A herbal bath can be a great way to cleanse the skin as this is where any toxins have been released in a natural process of the immune system recovering from illness. The herbs I would suggest that would be soothing, antiseptic and supportive would be any of the following, chamomile, marigold, peppermint or rosemary. Also let’s not forget the blessings of apple cider vinegar a cup full in the bath water is very cleansing.

So I hope this has inspired you to sometimes add your herbal cuppa into the bath as well as drinking it! We would love to hear from you, tell us of your favourite herbal remedies that you use in baths.

Any of our formula teas in the Welcome World shop could be used as strong brews to add to your bath water.

Floras Flower bath is a tea for baths and also we supply single teas as well.

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