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As a herbalist working in the arena of pregnancy and postpartum I am often asked whether I worry about using herbs with pregnant and breastfeeding women and my answer is no. As a qualified herbal practitioner of many years now I made a commitment to the plants a long time ago. One of the reasons I trained as a herbalists was not only my love of the plants but also I was passionate about self reliance of our health within the family. Herbal medicine offers such self-reliance and a model of wellbeing that can be discovered in any of our homes kitchen pharmacies.

I trained and consider myself part of a herbal tradition that evolved through the herbalist Dr Christopher. This model was then further developed and adapted by some of his apprentices. His message as he became a well-known and respected herbalist was summed up in the words “a herbalist in every home and a practitioner in every town “. These words are music to my heart and I use them often when speaki


The Induction of Labour Herbal remedies for when you feel to say yes to induction.

Induction of labour has arisen because there is a belief that the situation at the present time needs to be different to how they are. Sometimes this is accompanied with stress other times with a clarity from the pregnant woman that her body needs some form of encouragement to relax into the process of labour.

One way or another, a shift in thought/energy is called for. There are so many scenarios that can be the focus of induction. It may be the medical model indicating to the pregnant woman that induction is needed. It may be the woman herself yearning to hold her child in her arms. It may be the woman is fed up with being pregnant and wants to enter the next phase of parenting. I could go on and on with different circumstance as there will be as many situations as there are pregnant women meeting the thought of induction. So how can I judge whether


Since Eva from the company Born suggested they show a DVD on their film nights that was commissioned by The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation which features Ina May Gaskin and Yehudi Gordon; people have been asking who are The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation and I can’t seem to find them anywhere! So I thought this would be a great blog and a great opportunity to integrate everything that I have given this year to. Around this time last year I made the decision to sell my house in Wells and move to Bristol .At the time I wasn’t sure how that would unfold , I was clear I wanted to give a year of my full attention focussing on the business Welcome World.  An aspect of this was to integrate The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation into Welcome World.

So everything unfolded beautifully and I arrived in Clifton Bristol, last March ready and willing to turn up fully. Let me offer a very short potted history of The Holistic Birth trust Foundation. Some time ago four


When a baby is in the womb from very early on in the pregnancy he hears the sound of his mother’s heart beating. We could say his mother’s heart sings to him continually while he is in the womb. This sound becomes familiar, comforting and also reassures. How wonderful is this? That no matter what is occurring in the mother’s daily life, no matter what the child may be experiencing in the womb, the mothers heart continues to sing a song of love to her child. The mother doesn’t even need to be aware that her child can hear the song of her heart beating. It still occurs; how wonderful is this? Let’s pause for a moment, feel beyond these words simply being a nice thought and recognise the potential this recognition offers. This is a story I share on antenatal training programmes where I teach students who are preparing to work as antenatal teachers or doulas. Why do I share


Herbs that whisper of life.

An observation i have made after working with many women with a desire to concieve a child. Is that that the child  can be the exquisite by product of that desire , but it is the decision to have a child, to become a family.  When there may be many seeming obstacles in the way, either in circumstances or with the physical body.  And yet i have witnessed when there is a willingness to walk through all the 'yes buts', meet the so called difficulties, and let go off  any beliefs that no longer serve us. This process is where the healing lies.By this i mean that if it is the thought of having a family that makes the heart sing and then the decision is made to try and start a family and there is a willingness to walk through all the ' yes buts' , healing occurs through this process. Sometimes the effect of the healing is a child , sometimes not. The healing is always a  sense of peace within us that we may


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