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New opportunity; Antenatal Wisdom now available as a contactless course

We would like to open our doors further in 2017 by offering Antenatal Wisdom in the additional form of a contactless course with CPD points. This will be available to already qualified doulas, antenatal teachers, therapists, yoga teachers, herbalists, craniosacral  practitioners, counselors, acupuncturists, osteopaths,  outreach workers and support workers. Basically therapists and health workers who want to offer specialty skills in pregnancy and birth.

This means the course is available as a resource for you to dive in and out of when needed.

“Sometimes we all need a warm blanket of support and affirmation in our work lives. Other times we are inspired to dive deeper and deeper into opportunities we are offered through our work. We feel Antenatal Wisdom offers what is needed in each aspect of your work, offering tools that enable to you to bring a depth of awareness to the client on the pregnant journey, going underneath symptoms to discover something profoundly useful and healing. The wisdom to trust yourself so you may help others to trust them self, self awareness through the process of self reflection, communication skills and tools for your medicine bag, all of these and more are part of the Antenatal Wisdom journey.”
Dominique and Amanda

Feeling drawn to work in this amazing arena but not sure of the path to take?

If you are not qualified as a postgraduate student then we offer the pathway of combining the 2 courses of Women’s Wisdom and Antenatal Wisdom for an accredited route. (email for further information). Or immerse yourself in the contactless form of the course Antenatal Wisdom to discover more about the heart of working in this arena for yourself while you are seeking a pathway of accreditation that supports you.  

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Antenatal Wisdom contactless course


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